you really a bitch if you let the microwave hit zeros while your family is asleep you disrespectful bitch

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It never has.

This is a concept most of tumblr can’t wrap their head around.

You can’t extinguish darkness with darkness, only light will

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Gas bruh. Gas is hella expensive.

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Best plot twist

the last thing, just what?

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Giuseppe Agnello Sculptures

Sicilian sculptor Joseph Lamb Gives new meaning to the expression “one with nature.” His surreal sculptures of bodies with roots, branches, or tree trunks emanating from the heads, feet, or chests, are at once intriguing and disturbing. Working in plaster, polyester resin, clay and bronze, the Palermo-based artist plays with the idea of metamorphosis, much of the time incorporating tree-like morphing, though not limiting Himself to vegetation, as in the case of His Body clouds (Clouds Bodies) or zipped up bodies in His Body and soul (Body and Soul).

Lamb currently Has an exhibit of 40 works titled Memories: Lateral and Oblique Views at the Carlos V Tower in Porto Empedocles, Sicily through the end of the year.

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White people are so funny because they will see a poc say something positive about other pocs specifically and be like “no ALL people”

funny because yall weren’t trying to be “we are all humans uwu” when you were like



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Kanye is the realest

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